Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The dog

ate all my blog posts.

- Rishab Govind

(Edit: This blog will soon move to: Going Govind )

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About this blog

Welcome to The Thought Pit.

Oddly enough, this blog started out with a death. I guess things like that can fuel an urge to let things out. Add that to a lifetime of awkward social graces, a stud of an elder brother and a family that expected the sun, the moon and 3 other planetary bodies from you and you've got yourselves a nice little ticking time-bomb. So I decided one fine winter, that I needed to give myself a longer fuse. To give voice to the meekest of thoughts in my head. Ideas, that would otherwise never seen the light of day. That was how The Thought Pit was born.

(Clearly I could have given more thought to the name...But you get the idea)

So there I was, 20 years old, with a noggin-full of weirdness and a penchant for never-sticking-to-your-commitments. Since then, this spot has undergone under the scalpel several times and has had long (and I do mean long) spells of writer's block. But, perhaps since it was a death that started this blog itself, The Thought Pit still lives.